Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just SmarkIt!

I have an important meeting tomorrow morning– I’m interviewing for my dream job at Boston Consulting Group in downtown Boston.  I’m so excited and very nervous about it.  My interview is at 10am, one of the busiest times of the day for parking.  If you’ve ever been to Boston, you are familiar with how frustrating it can be to find parking.  You can spend half an hour circling block after block looking for a space and ultimately giving up and going to a parking garage where you pay $20 for two hours of parking and then have to walk to your destination. 
Fortunately for me, my Dad suggested that I go onto SmarkIt’s website and reserve the on-street parking spot that I need for tomorrow.  I Now I don’t have to worry about finding a place to park or paying ridiculous rates at a parking garage and having to walk in the rain (it is going to rain tomorrow).  SmarkIt takes the worry and frustration out of having to find parking in Boston - don't fret over parking - just SmarkIt! 

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  1. Great job on the short "SmarkIt" story. I really like this business idea and I thought you guys did a great job in the final presentation too! The video for the presentation was awesome! I hope you guys follow through with this innovation!